SSL Certificate

Protect Your Site's Users With SSL Certificates

Purchasing an SSL certificate will enable you to encrypt communications to and from your site, protecting your data and transactions from third parties.

People are becoming more aware of online security. They know to look out for 'https' connections and the padlock symbol in their browsers. Many will not trust a site, especially an eCommerce store, that does not have a valid SSL certificate and encrypted connection.

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Protect Your Users
Unencrypted communications are vulnerable to interception by third parties through man-in-the-middle attacks and other exploits. Encryption using an SSL certificate will prevent anyone else from reading sensitive communications.
Establish Trust
Website visitors are wary of submitting sensitive data like credit card numbers over the Internet. An encrypted connection gives users peace-of-mind and signals that you respect their privacy.
Legal Compliance
If your site will be processing credit card information, you are legally obligated to comply with PCI regulations and ensure that your site provides an encrypted connection.
Protect Sensitive Business Information
If your site will be sharing confidential business information with logged-in users, then an encrypted connection is essential to ensure confidentiality.